The Pride Dental Blog’s Year in Review, 2020 Edition

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Biological Dentistry

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Although it’s customary to reflect on the passing year as the new one begins, more than a few folks would probably prefer to just leave 2020 in the dust.

Certainly, it was a tough year on many levels, and many of its challenges will persist into the new year. Yet the pandemic also provided reminders of why maintaining healthy holistic habits is so important. They fuel our resilience.

Those habits include good oral hygiene, especially since poor oral health appears to raise the risk of severe COVID symptoms. Taking good care of your teeth and gums – through good nutrition, excellent home hygiene, regular dental visits, enough good sleep and exercise, and the like – can be good prevention.

Still, some have been unsure about seeing their dentist again once offices were allowed to reopen for non-emergency services – which perhaps explains why our post on COVID safety practices ranked as our number one blog post of 2020. As we’ve noted before, science has shown that when such measures are followed, the risk of viral transmission in dental settings is extraordinarily low.

There was also a lot of interest in dental implants and cosmetic procedures – a byproduct, perhaps, of self-consciousness borne from so much more time spent on Zoom and similar apps, where we can wind up gazing at ourselves much longer than we ever have before.

So before we step any further into 2021, here are the 10 posts that caught the most attention last year:

  1. How We’re Safely Providing Dental Care in the Age of COVID-19
    Science has shown that when standard safety guidelines are followed, the risk of COVID transmission in dental settings is near zero. In this post, we outline what we’ve been doing to keep ourselves and our patients safe since reopening after the initial lockdown.

  3. More Bad News for Fluoride: A News & Research Roundup
    The first months of 2020 brought new research on fluoride’s systemic effects, as well as the first update of the year on the EPA fluoridation trial.

  5. Will Fluoridation Finally End in the US?
    Another update on the EPA trial.

  7. A Laser Facial Makeover from Your Dentist? Yes!
    With their expert understanding of facial structure, dentists are a great choice for facial aesthetic procedures. Here, we show how lasers let us tap into your body’s own regenerative potential, giving you excellent results without surgery, sutures, or fillers of any kind.

  9. What Can Happen When You Cut Corners on Teeth Whitening
    There’s no shortage of tooth whitening products on the market today. But there are good reasons why, when it comes to brightening your smile, you should have it done by a dental professional.

  11. Why Metal-Free, Ceramic Dental Implants Instead of Titanium?
    The reasons range from cosmetic concerns to the impact of metals on whole body health.

  13. The Link Between Gum Disease, Lung Disease, & Death
    Science has illuimated the relationship between gum disease and other inflammatory conditions, including respiratory conditions.

  15. Serious New Science on Soybean Oil
    A look at some of the evidence for steering clear of this particular oil in your diet.

  17. Simple Math: Adding Sugar May Mean Subtracting Minerals & Vitamins
    Why you should keep added sugars to a minimum in your diet.

  19. Another Reason Why Ceramic Dental Implants Are the Better Option for Replacing Lost Teeth
    New research suggests that ceramic implants may mean better blood flow in the surrounding tissues, as well.

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