sugarBy now you know, you’ve been duped.

Recent news has revealed how the sugar industry paid off Harvard scientists to steer evidence away from sugar as a culprit in heart disease. Payola, not actual science, persuaded scientists to indict fat.

The falsified research helped shape 50 years of dietary recommendations.

The disclosure of this deception seems the perfect time to re-examine the work of Dr. Robert Lustig, a UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology. Following in the footsteps of British physiologist and nutritionist John Yudkin, Lustig was well ahead of the curve in pointing out the true dietary villain – sugar.

Seven years ago, Dr. Lustig’s presentation “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” walked on what then seemed the edge of accepted scientific knowledge. Today, as we learn more about the sugar industry’s tactics, this talk seems more relevant than ever.

Image by Adam Engelhart

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