Periodontal (gum) disease is a major health problem for most American adults. Up to 80% have it to some degree. About half have it in its severe form, periodontitis.

And it’s not a problem confined to the mouth. Scientific research continues to show links between gum disease and a host of other inflammatory conditions. These include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

If your gums are red and puffy, if they bleed when you brush or floss, gingivitis is already a reality. But gum disease can be reversed. Without surgery. Here’s how Pride Dental can help.


Dental Ozone

ozone trayOzone is comprised of three oxygen atoms and so is sometimes referred to as O3. It’s a powerful disinfectant. Typically, we administer it through trays that cover the teeth, allowing the ozone to penetrate deeply into the diseased gum tissue.

Infections can’t survive when they encounter ozone’s volatile, reactionary nature, which makes it perfect for the minimally-invasive treatment of gum and bone infection. Not only does ozone therapy clear out the infection; it promotes better blood flow, enhanced immune response and quickens healing. 


Perio Protect combines professional cleanings with a comfortable tray delivery of medication that you use at home between office visits. You simply put hydrogen peroxide gel in the tray and wear it for a few minutes a day. It’s that easy.

The most important advantage of PerioProtect is that it can treat the bacteria causing the disease in a comfortable way, minimizing surgery and antibiotics. Patients get better results than with just professional cleanings alone.

Nutrition & Other Support

healthy eatingReversing and preventing gum disease successfully means also addressing the various risk factors, especially nutrition. The standard American diet – notoriously high in sugars and processed carbs – is fuel for periodontal problems as much as for caries (tooth decay). We can offer guidance for more healthful eating that supports both good oral health and your overall wellness.

We may be able to help with other risk factors, too – or at least provide you with the information or referrals you need to make a change. This includes things like quitting smoking or other tobacco use, managing stress more successfully, getting enough physical activity into your day, and getting enough good quality sleep each night.

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