Explore the Dental Meridians

Use the tool below to learn more about the relationships between your oral and whole body health.

More and more dentists are coming to appreciate the oral-systemic link, such as the impact that oral bacteria can have on cardiometabolic health. They acknowledge that while a patient may not necessarily get sick because of their mouth problems, oral issues can be a contributing factor.

But your teeth aren’t only physically connected to the rest of your body but energetically as well, via the meridian system – a network of subtle energy pathways defined by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each pathway crosses many different organs, structures, and tissues, so a problem in one tooth can cause trouble for any other organ or structure that shares its meridian, and vice versa.

Use the interactive chart below to explore these relationships. Click a tooth to see the other organs and structures that are on the same meridian.

Note: If the chart doesn’t display below, you can access a version of it here.

Disclaimer: This chart is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any dental or medical condition.

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