Making an Informed Decision When It Comes to “Silver” Amalgam Fillings

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Mercury / Heavy Metals

One question that often pops up when people are first learning about the hazards of “silver” mercury amalgam fillings is whether they should get them removed right away and replaced with metal-free, biocompatible alternatives – especially if they’re not experiencing any signs of what’s sometimes called “mercury toxicity.”

Ultimately, that’s a choice that’s best left to the patient once they’ve learned about both the pros and cons of restoring teeth with amalgam. And that includes the consequences of leaving them in place.

In the video below, Dr. David Kennedy discusses some of those consequences:


To learn more about mercury’s use in dentistry and its impact on human and environmental health, explore our archives. Other great resources include the IAOMT, DAMS, and Tom McGuire’s Mercury Safe Dentists.

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