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Laser Dentistry


Laser Dentistry presents many advantages to our patients:

  • Laser Dentistry Arlington Texas

    Anaesthesia reduced to a minimum (often just an anaesthetic spray or gel suffice instead of an injection, thus eliminating the use of needles).

  • Safer for cardiopathic patients and pregnant women, where anaesthetics could be problematic.
  • Faster procedures (shorter sessions and/or treatment).
  • Bacterial decontamination (reduced risk of infections and relapses).
  • Selective removal of compromised tissues leaving the surrounding tissues intact and preserving the healthy tooth structure as much as possible.
  • Less suturing necessary.
  • Reduced swelling, pain and post-op sensitivity.
  • Faster post-op recovery and healing.
  • Less stress, less anxiety (particularly useful in paediatric dentistry).
  • No noise or vibrations typical of the drill
  • Immediate aesthetic results
  • Safer for coagulopathic patients (laser now enables numerous operations on patients with coagulopathic disorders thanks to the absence of bleeding).


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Bethany P.
Bethany P.
2017-05-04 17:16:56
Dr. Attar and his wonderful, kind, smiling staff are THE BEST in dental care (and better than any medical office I've ever visited!). I have been blown away...
Rita C.
Rita C.
2017-01-27 15:31:32
I love Pride Dental! From the amazing dentists ( Dr. Attar and Dr. Sprinkle) to the friendly and professional office staff, to the very soothing zen of the...
Goya C.
Goya C.
2013-12-02 20:03:33
Pride Dental. Dr. ATTAR was very professional and took the time to listen to my situation. The entire office was clean, neat, professional GORGEOUS smiles...
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