It’s a point that we feel can’t be stressed nearly enough: If you choose to have your “silver” mercury amalgam fillings replaced with biocompatible restorations, it’s crucial that you have them removed by a dentist who follows strict safety guidelines.

It’s important to your health and ours, as well as that of our planet.

That’s because so-called “silver” fillings are actually about 50% mercury, and mercury is a potent neurotoxin. Exposure to it can be amplified during removal if proper safety protocols are ignored. A bad situation could become much worse in the long run.

You can read here about the safety procedures we follow in our own office – or you can watch the video below, hear it from Dr. Attar himself, and see some of the equipment we use to minimize mercury exposure:

Considering amalgam removal for yourself or a loved one? Have questions about the process? Contact our Arlington office now!

Thank you to Dr. Matt Barker for recording the above video and letting us share it with you here.

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