Remember the scene in Rudolph when Hermey the elf declares what he’d rather be doing than making toys?

An elf dentist? Who’da thunk? Then again, around the holidays, anything can happen – which may explain why at least some of the items on the dentist-elf’s gift list were invented in the first place.

After all, was there really so much demand for a dental action figure, complete with tools?


Not that Hermey’s own action figure would stand a chance against him!


For the more seriously – and practically – dental minded, morning joe from a molar may be tough to resist!


Likewise, a spider that dispenses floss. Who wouldn’t want to pretend to use spider web silk to clean between their teeth?


Or maybe your friends would rather get one of these syringe pens (procaine not included, of course) –


or perhaps a more tact-ful gift:


An icy grin like this might be better suited for an arch enemy!


Rounding out our list is this smiley ornament – or should that be ortho-ment? – sure to be a hit among both the upper and lower brackets:


Happy and healthy holidays
from Pride Dental!

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