Hermey’s 2018 Toothy Holiday Gift Guide

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Dentistry

Nothing quite speaks to us during the holiday season like Hermey, the elf who wanted to be a dentist rather than make toys.

He would also probably enjoy a toothy gift or two or more. But what to get a dental elf – or anyone else with dentistry on the brain, for that matter?

How about some floss? Interdental cleaning is that important, after all. But not just the boring old floss you buy at your local big box store. Why not some floss infused with coconut oil, for instance?

Or go a little crazy with flavor. Grape-flavored floss anyone?

grape flavored dental floss

Or how about bacon?

bacon flavored dental floss

Hermey might also appreciate all the toys, apps, and other tools for helping kids develop good hygiene habits. For instance, check out Brushy Ball, the Toothbrush Training Coach, which teaches kids to brush properly by having them follow along as the toy prompts them to brush all the surfaces of their teeth.

Brushy Ball

Cool or creepy? You be the judge.

Moving on, how about a new power toothbrush with a subscription service? The Goby soft bristled electric brush offers a refill plan that delivers a new brush head every three months, as does the Boka sonic brush with activated charcoal brush heads. (Boka also has a plan that includes fluoride-free, SLS-free toothpaste and Teflon-free floss.)

Or how about some molar earrings?

human molar earrings

Yes, teeth you can wear on your ears. So many questions…

Or how about a truly motivating t-shirt?

Just Floss It t-shirt

You may be familiar with the mouth-body connection, but how about the mouth-feet connection? Happy teeth socks, anyone?

happy teeth socks

What? You’d like something a little more festive for the season? Want to decorate your feet with teeth that bear an uncanny resemblance to white butterflies but still have that holiday flair? Look no further!

holiday teeth socks

For the plant-loving people with teeth in your life:

molar vase

Of course, this could also be used to hold pens, toothbrushes, or other assorted items.

Then there’s the always popular Playmobile Dentist with Patient set – fun for the whole family!

Playmobile dentist set

Last but certainly not least, there’s this fabulous dental clock that can help you make sure you’re on time for your home hygiene, not to mention your regular cleanings and exams in our office:

dental clock

Happy and healthy holidays
from all of us here at Arlington’s Pride Dental!


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