Food for Your Brain, Some Relief from Stress 

by | Mar 26, 2020 | General Health

group sitting around a shared computerWith so many of us having to stay put right now, lots of folks are stepping up online to help families with the challenges of homeschooling. But who says you have to be a kid to benefit from learning a new thing or two or five? Lifelong learning can mean more confidence, better communication skills, greater empathy, a wider and more diverse social network, and more! 

Plus, taking up a new hobby or interest can help relieve stress – an important aspect of the kind of self-care that can make us more resilient through difficult times (and help save your teeth and gums from the damage that chronic stress can do, too). 

So why not use the extra at-home time to take on a new challenge – something that tickles your curiosity and stretches your brain, your body, or both? And with no tests or deadlines, you only need to do homework if you feel like it. (Now, that’s a stress reliever before you even begin!)

Head to outer space with NASA! First, celebrate the Hubble telescope’s 30th birthday by checking out images and videos it’s taken through the years. Then try some STEM activities, watch videos or livestreamed events online, and learn how astronauts fight off cabin fever when they’re cooped up in space!

Mona LisaArt
There are so many free virtual tours of art museums now available, you can travel the world from your living room. Go to the Louvre in Paris, the Met and MOMA in NYC, and Texas’s own Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Take a look around and, just like with art, you’ll know which museum you like when you see it. 

History resources online are almost endless, from museum tours to videos to free online classes and beyond. And right now, PBS is streaming online documentaries for free every Thursday beginning tonight – March 26 – with The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, followed by The National Parks: America’s Best Idea and The War in upcoming weeks. 

Whether it’s music appreciation, the stories behind your favorite hit songs, or ukulele lessons you’re looking for, the internet will provide! And if you just want to throw a little at-home karaoke party, Google your favorite artist, song title, and the word “lyrics.” Chances are it’s out there!

Even if math wasn’t your favorite subject in school, you might find it’s a whole lot more fun than it used to be. You can find silly math songs and logic puzzles, along with mathematician and artist Vi Hart’s amazing “Doodling in Math Class” YouTube channel. Definitely something to suit everyone!

Dancer Debbie Allen of Fame fame is offering live dance classes on Instagram and on YouTube through her online dance academy channel. Her current offerings are geared toward the young ones, but there are lots of other classes out there too – contemporary, Latin, hip-hop, – you name it!

And, naturally, the best lesson on this list is your last lesson. You know you need to brush at least twice a day and clean between your teeth at least once a day, which is always the trickier part. If flossing is your choice for that task (there are other tools you can use to get the job done), here’s a gentle reminder on how (and why it matters so much)!

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