water faucetAs we previously noted, less than half of all dentists think that fluoridation is a good idea. Most oppose it, for a variety of reasons.

An excellent collection of those reasons in the video Professional Perspectives on Fluoride, which we share this Fluoride Awareness Week, a joint campaign by Dr. Mercola and the Fluoride Action Network. Featuring leading authorities and advocates against water fluoridation, this film explores the social, ethical, and medical implications of “a practice that has been proven neither safe nor effective.”




You can buy a DVD of the film here – specially priced this week at just $10.

To learn even more about the science, ethics and politics of fluoridation – and efforts toward a fluoride-free future – be sure to check out these recent articles on Dr. Mercola’s site:

Also worth browsing is FAN’s video library, which you can view here.

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Image by Jenn Durfey

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