I love coming to Pride Dental. You’re getting quality dental work from Dr. Attar and every person on his staff. I love Sheetal. She is my dental hygienist, and she is knowledgeable and keeps my teeth in excellent condition and shining! I wish everyone would try this experience. You will not regret it. Shawna and Eivy are the best! Julia is so knowledgeable about finance/insurance! Everyone at Pride Dental is wonderful. Every decision is made with your complete health in mind. (March 2021)

All of the above is true. Of the most importance is that in an emergency, I receive prompt attention and assistance from Dr. Attar and the staff. I am very appreciative of their assistance in my recent dental emergency. (March 2021)

My experience was excellent. Pride Dental’s staff is always positive, helpful, and provides the best care, looking out for my present and future needs. (March 2021)

I could not love this office more! It’s such a nice, friendly, clean and attentive atmosphere. Happy to make the drive over from Fort Worth to see this practice. (March 2021)

Nobody enjoys dental work (at least, nobody I would trust), but Dr. Attar and his staff provided the most tolerable experience I can imagine having in a dentist’s chair. With great skill and gentle distracting conversation, he worked quickly to complete my procedure and had me feeling relatively at ease the whole time. His choice to forego the use of epinephrine allows the numbing to wear off more quickly, so I wasn’t left with an all-day reminder of the morning’s events. I absolutely recommend anyone looking to improve their dental health to visit Pride Dental. (January 2021)

Truly a wonderful dentist. The whole staff is really excellent! (January 2021)

I’ve received excellent service at Pride Dental for MANY years. Thank you! (January 2021)

Always a great experience! Everyone is very friendly, kind and helpful, and Dr. Attar is an absolutely amazing dentist! (January 2021)

We love y’all!! (January 2021)

I love going to Pride Dental. Everyone is really nice and very considerate of my needs and concerns. I love the holistic aspect, and I love the peaceful atmosphere they strive to keep. Dr. Attar is calm and genuinely happy about his job, and it reflects in each of the employees! (December 2020)

The staff and Dr. Attar are amazing. I can’t imagine going to any other dental office. (December 2020)

Julia, Carrie, and Dr. Attar were all kind, patient, honest, knowledgeable, and thorough. All of them took the time to listen to my health issues and concerns, which is the most important thing when bringing the business of your health to a medical provider and staff. Pride Dental’s medical providers and staff will treat you with respect and professionalism. (December 2020)

Excellent first visit, and all my questions were answered in a very comfortable way. (November 2020)

Lauren was very accommodating to my whiplash and is very kind and considerate. (November 2020)

Excellent and knowledgeable staff who really treat their patients with kindness and professionalism. (November 2020)

Very competent office, staff and dentists! It is also nice to hear the positives as far as dental issues and their progression or healing. There is so much negativity out there that it is refreshing to have good news. Love the background music too! Great practice to be a part of. (November 2020)

I know I’m getting quality dentistry at Pride. Lauren took care of me today, and she was fantastic! She was very attentive, explaining everything thoroughly, answering questions, and making sure I received excellent service. I look forward to having her again in my follow-up visits! (November 2020)

This was my initial visit. The office was clean and comfortable, the staff was considerate, helpful, and thoughtful. The dentist was kind and encouraging in the middle of my difficulty. Thank you for an uplifting experience in a dentist’s office. (November 2020)

My new hygienist was so thorough with my teeth cleaning. I learned a lot more about taking care of my teeth. She also went the extra mile to schedule my next treatment the same day as my follow up for crown seating. (November 2020)

I love all of the staff at Pride Dental & very happy with how they take care of me. (October 2020)

It was really neat and calming. (October 2020)

I enjoyed knowing that my concerns were addressed, and I was satisfied with the answers and the outcome. I feel safe here. (October 2020)

The best dental care in Texas! (October 2020)

The Pride Dental Office in Arlington, TX went beyond my expectations. The staff was friendly and Dr. Attar was very helpful and understanding of my situation, and he listened to my concerns. I look forward to working with the team in obtaining a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.

Awesome experience as usual!

Dentistry can be frightening. It’s important to find competent and kind professionals who compassionately guide you through the process without compromising a high level of skill in their work. Dr. Attar and his staff achieved this consistently throughout all of my procedures. I highly recommend them.

All the staff are amazing. Wait time is zero. Environment is always immaculate. I look forward to my appointment even though I don’t like going to the dentist because of the excellent service I receive every time I go. Keep up the good work.

The dentist (Dr. Attar) was excellent! It was actually a pleasant experience! He made sure I did not experience any pain, and not only did I not experience pain, but no pressure or anything unpleasant. I never thought I would ever say that I had a pleasant experience at the dentist.

Everyone was great, and my appointment all the way through was very friendly and efficient.

Dr. Attar and his entire staff are very professional and caring. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They make the experience so pleasant that you actually enjoy it and look forward to your next visit!

Love the friendly staff and environment! Everyone is knowledgeable and professional! Also love how efficient the office is – getting patients in and out in a timely manner! Everyone is nice and friendly!

Most I have been relaxed at a dental appointment in years! Start to finish: the whole process was top quality.

Everything aspect of my first visit to this office was worthy of 5-stars. Everyone was very friendly, the office was clean and inviting and it was overall an enjoyable experience.

I have been very happy with this office over the past year I have been going. Lexi is very sweet and is helping me get dental health back on track. I am happy a friend recommended this office to me. Thank you!

Dr. Attar and his staff are top-notch! My husband and I have been patients for years, and we drive 45 miles one way to go to him.

Pride Dental is the best dentistry in the Arlington area if you want the kind of dentistry that uses the state of the art dental procedures that provide a biologically safe practice for your teeth. They are very professional, their dental hygienists are the best I have ever experienced, and they will not do procedures that put the patient at risk. They use ozone in their water, and that is an amazing feeling when used. Their prices are higher than some, but worth the difference for the procedures they offer. Dr. Attar and Dr. Sprinkle really know what they are doing.

The best place for any dental work!! From the moment you walk in, to in the chair and leaving you will not be disappointed.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Alaways a warm and friendly reception, and quality service.

I always enjoy my visit. The staff is wonderful & friendly & very caring!

This is the first dentist I’ve visited that seems to really care about my health and my family’s health. A genuine and very friendly staff, clean office, very efficient. Their ways of thinking align with ours regarding our health, and that really matters to us.

I love Pride Dental! My only “complaint” is that I am always taken back to the offices promptly, and I never get a chance to read the interesting material in the waiting room!

Best dentist on the planet! Love everyone there, and Dr. Attar is extremely talented at what he does! There are consistently flawless results with each visit. Itza & Connie are always a sheer delight, and it’s truly a pleasure each time I visit!

I’m thankful for the personal care and insight, i.e., learning more about the advantages/cautions of bridges & full replacements.

Exceptional. Pride Dental staff and doctors treat you like family. Very professional. On top of all that, they are very considerate of your comfort and emotions during all procedures. My kids all love going to the dentist, and that says it all.

Dr. Attar and staff provide the best expertise and care that I have ever had – ever!

I am so grateful that Pride Dental bases their practice on healthy, natural methods of dentistry, and I am confident that I am in good hands and that I am getting the best dental care possible. Everyone is so kind and friendly, I feel like I am part of “the family” when I come.

I normally never leave a dentist appointment happy. You guys are different. Thank you!

All staff and doctors are top notch. They all treat us like they genuinely care and are very thorough. Our entire family is treated at Pride Dental (both Dr Sprinkle and Attar), and we highly recommend them!


Engaging staff and dentists who take the time to get to know you, answer any and all questions, and create a positive environment.

Shetal always does a great job and is personal and informative. Thank you.

I was very impressed by the quality staff, who are knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. I have a lot of dental and underlying health issues and had a lot of questions. Lexi was especially helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I left feeling better and like I may actually find some answers to some of my dental and underlying health problems. I’m extremely impressed and will definitely be back.

All of the staff of Pride Dental are awesome! They are caring, excellent and provide wide-ranging services to meet every dental need. I am so fortunate to have been Dr. Sprinkle’s patient for years, and his compassionate alternative approach is exactly what I’ve always needed and brings that holistic outlook to dental health that is so critical. Dr. Attar is great as well. I can’t say enough great things about Pride Dental.

I am so thankful to have found Pride Dental several years ago and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

Great hands to be in if you’re looking for holistic dentistry. Dr. Attar and Dr. Sprinkle are very professional and explain procedures very well. They keep up with the latest and greatest of technology and apply that in their practice. I am very impressed with their facility, as well as the professional service they provide – gives me a great peace of mind for my teeth/gums/mouth. The staff is also quite professional, friendly, and thorough. They are always willing to do whatever it takes to help out any of the patients. I found out about Dr. Sprinkle many years ago while listening to Dr. Howard Garrett, known as The Dirt Doctor, interview Dr. Sprinkler on his radio show. I told myself right then, “I know where my next dentist appointment is going to be,” and it was an excellent decision.

This is by far the best dental office, dentist and oral hygienist I have ever had. Friendliest staff, most communicative – and I am very pleased with the fillings and crowns I received. Have been recommending your dental practice and will continue to. Thank you all so much.

The dental work that is done at Pride Dental is superb. The staff…all of them are the best, friendliest, dearest people I have ever met. Pride Dental was recommended to me as THE place to go to have dental work done by people who truly care about me, as well as my teeth. I have heartily recommended them to many others.

Everything we discussed increased my comfort level, and my only regret is that I did not find you sooner. I’ve already started recommending you.

I am so grateful to have found Pride Dental. You would be very hard-pressed to find another like it. Not only are they holistic/biologic and do not use toxins such as mercury and fluoride commonly found in general dentistry, but the staff are incredibly friendly. Also, they have plans for individuals who don’t have dental insurance, which I have definitely appreciated. I would recommend Pride Dental to anyone. So grateful!

Pride Dental offers state-of-the-art mercury-free, safe and effective dental services that address a host of problems caused by many dental services. The dentists are very knowledgeable, their blogs very informative, and the staff very friendly.

I am so thankful for Dr. Attar and his staff. They are always so kind, and Dr. Attar takes his time to answer all of my questions. He never seems to be in a rush to move on to the next patient. It is so nice to have a dentist office that cares about your overall health and gives a more natural approach. I have only had wonderful experiences with Pride Dental and will refer them every chance I get.

The staff is always helpful and friendly, and Drs. Attar and Sprinkle really consider your overall health and well-being through their natural dentistry approach. Thank you!

Best dentist office I have ever been to!

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