Originally posted July 23, 2020; edited

Before and after SmoothLase photo
The COVID-19 crisis has led to plenty of anxiety across the board – including, it seems, increased anxiety about facial appearance. That’s not so surprising once you consider how so many more of our interactions with others are taking place online.

As if meetings weren’t tough to begin with, now you get to stare at your online image for an hour or more, and it’s hard not to take stock.

Consequently, cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons report being more in demand than ever. As one plastic surgeon told InStyle,

“Back in February, we were seeing about 15 to 20 consults for lower facelifts, neck lifts, and jawline tightening procedures…. Post-quarantine, we are seeing double that number! In addition, the patients that are consulting about these procedures are eager to get these procedures as soon as possible.”

But what a lot of people don’t realize is that these types of facial improvements can be done non-surgically, tapping into your body’s own regenerative potential. And, increasingly, they can be done in a dental office, courtesy of Fotona laser technology.

Why should a dentist be offering such services? Who better understands the structure of the mouth and face? More, it can provide the perfect complement to cosmetic dentistry, with results that harmonize beautifully with your new smile.

Before and after with LipLaseFor instance, fuller lips can be achieved through LipLase. For this treatment, we use the laser to stimulate your body’s ability to generate new tissue, creating a tighter, fuller appearance in your lips. No pain. No downtime. No fillers.

The laser can also be used to remove wrinkles and tighten up sagging skin. The basic principle is the same: stimulate your body to make new collagen. The SmoothLase procedure requires no anesthetic and involves no cutting, sutures, or fillers.

The results are typically more natural-looking, as well. There’s no radical change to your appearance – just the erasure of years and gravity’s toll.

But cosmetic procedures aren’t all that we can do with the Fotona laser.

If snoring or mild-to-moderate sleep apnea is an issue for you, NightLase might be the device-free solution for you. Instead of making a sleep appliance for you, we use the laser to reshape the soft tissues around the top of your windpipe, effectively widening your airway.

One recent review of the science found that NightLase effectively widened the upper airway and reduced snoring.

Patients tolerated the procedure well without anesthesia. There were minimal side effects without serious adverse effects.

Of course, we’ll continue to use lasers for all sorts of dental applications, from tongue-tie release to periodontal therapy and plenty in between. Fast, precise, predictable, and gentle, there truly seems to be no end to what this remarkable and versatile tool can do.

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