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At Pride Dental in Arlington, Texas, our holistic, biological approach means far more than just being mercury-free, mercury-safe and fluoride-free. We believe patients of all ages benefit most from a full spectrum approach to wellness.

We combine the best of modern dentistry’s technology, science, and clinical techniques with time-tested traditional healing wisdom to support oral and whole body health alike.

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Dr. Masoud Attar & Dr. Allen Sprinkle

Dr. M. Attar


Dr. A. Sprinkle


Above all, we take a minimally invasive approach to your dental care. We emphasize prevention over treatment. When treatment is needed, we favor the most conservative means to get the desired results.

We also look beyond mere symptoms to the root cause of problems. While conventional dentistry focuses largely on mechanical repairs to the teeth and related structures when something goes wrong, biological dentistry includes additional therapeutic approaches to support the body’s natural healing abilities. Because of this, all treatment is custom tailored to each person’s specific health situation and needs. One size does NOT fit all.

If there are other healthcare practitioners who are involved in your personal health journey, we’re pleased to coordinate and consult with them. We can also refer you to allied practitioners as needed to help you reach your goals for optimal mouth/body health.

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How Can We Help You?

I have old, mercury fillings.

Mercury Safe Dentistry

I have some missing teeth.

Dental Implants

I want a healthy, comfortable smile.

Biological Dentistry

I have headaches & clench my teeth.

TMJ Dentistry

I have a dental phobia.

Sedation Dentistry

I have sleep issues and use a CPAP.

Sleep Support

Creating a Safe &

Healthful Space for Patients

We do everything we can to maintain a welcoming and healthful environment for everyone who enters our office. That means no chemical odors. That means control of EMFs to the greatest extent possible. That means excellent air and water filters, ozone for disinfectant, and much more.

If you have chemical sensitivities, a disability, or other factors needing accommodation, please don’t hesitate to talk with us about how we can make your visits as accessible and comfortable as possible.

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