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A Holistic and Biological Approach
to Support Your Optimal Health
through Dental Interventions

Holistic, Biological, Family Dentistry in Arlington, TX

Mercury-free, Mercury-safe, Fluoride-free

Here at Pride Dental, our holistic approach combines the best clinical techniques and most advanced technology with natural healing wisdom to support your whole body health.

Perfection is our passion, our philosophy and inspiration.

When we put our philosophy to practice, your family is treated with the quality and care you deserve in a relaxing

Meet Dr. Masoud Attar and Dr. Allen Sprinkle.

Complete Dental Services for the Whole Family

Pride Dental provides complete dental services from holistic, preventive dentistry to the elegant fields of cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry for both children and adults.

  • Mercury-free, mercury-safe, fluoride-free dentistry
  • Natural-looking porcelain veneers and metal-free restorations
  • Metal-free dental implants with the look and function of natural teeth
  • Laser dentistry and surgery-free periodontal treatment
  • Compatibility testing for sensitivity to dental materials
  • Oral appliance therapy for sleep disordered breathing
  • Treatment of bruxing, clenching, chronic facial pain and TMJ disorders
  • Comprehensive dentistry for children and adults
Education is central to what we do. The more patients understand the relationship between their oral and overall health, the more able they are to make the best choices for restoring or maintaining both.

Learn more about our philosophy. The more you know about us and our practice, the more we can be of help to you.

Specialty Procedures

Our journey for health takes a holistic approach that acknowledges and respects the connection between oral and systemic health.


Thermography is a radiation-free technique that reveals disturbances in the body on a cellular level. Using a specific type of thermography known as thermometry, we take a series of temperature readings at specific points on your body under different conditions.

Biocompatible Implants

When decayed, broken, or missing teeth need to be restored or replaced, Pride Dental can help – and do so in a way that supports your overall health and well-being. We rely on biocompatibility testing to make sure we use only materials suited to your unique biochemical and bioenergetic needs.

Safe Mercury Removal

Mercury-SAFE means that when we are called on to remove mercury amalgam fillings, we do so in a way that protects the patient, dental team, and environment. When removing amalgams, we follow the strict safety protocol of the IAOMT.

How Can We Help You?

I have old, mercury fillings
I have some missing teeth.
I want a healthy, comfortable smile.
I have headaches & clench my teeth.
I have a dental phobia.
I have sleep issues and use a CPAP.