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Align Chiropractic – 2017
Best customer service I have EVER experienced. Every person I interacted with was professional, polite, and welcoming. They did a fantastic job cleaning my teeth and performing a check up with X-rays. I then returned to have my mercury fillings removed. And they did a phenomenal job with that procedure, as it is not an easy task, or a task to be taken lightly. The office goes above and beyond in providing the means to safely remove all of the mercury… Before my visit I did a lot of research on all of the dental offices in the DFW area and after my visit it confirmed my decision 100% in choosing Pride Dental! Thank you!

Lori Russell-Siemer – 2016
We’ve been going to Pride for about a year and a half, after they were recommended by my mom, who’s been a long time patient. I was looking for a place that offered holistic treatment for my three children, as I was concerned about the level of radiation they were being exposed to at our previous dentist, who wasn’t using digital technology. And I’m SO grateful that my mom told me about Dr. Attar. He and his staff are wonderful! A BIG thank you to the staff at Pride Dental – Holistic Dentistry for helping my daughter turn lemons into lemonade this afternoon. I appreciate SO many things about your office/staff – the kindness, compassion, that we can always get in when we need an appointment, that you always take the time to understand (and meet) our individual needs, that you explain everything clearly and in a way the kids can understand, that it’s always painless (in more ways than one) and integrity (which our family values greatly). We know that we can trust you, because you’re always honest with us. No trickery. And no need for that nonsense because y’all are genuinely wonderful people! We <3 you!! If anyone is looking for a family dentist, I HIGHLY recommend the folks at Pride Dental. They are holistic and focus on health and wellness. No tears will be shed by the kids here! Even more than all of that, they are truly wonderful people who care about each and every person who walks through their door.

Kathy Bell – 2015
I cannot say enough great things about this entire office!

We went to see Dr. Sprinkle when my baby was a couple of weeks old to have his tongue and lip ties corrected. The entire staff was so sweet and caring. I was a complete mess over feeding issues due to the ties and nervous about the procedure. All the staff were so empathetic and encouraging. Dr. Sprinkle took his time to listen to my concerns about our symptoms. He and his assistants loved on my little one and treated him with great care during the laser procedure. Dr. Sprinkle even called us the next day to see how my little one was doing. He did a great job on correcting the ties. I highly recommend this office for any frenectomy needs!!

Holly Hansen – 2015
Such a wonderful dental office with such great people working there!! I was so thankful to get all of my mercury fillings taken out in such a safe and healthy way. I’m so grateful to have found Pride Dental and Doctor Attar!

S. Carter – 2015
Dr. Attar is an amazingly kind and considerate man. He has tremendous concern for the patients well-being, and comfort. Pride Dental is comprised of a wonderful holistic dental team. I am so glad I found them and their expert and over the top concern for each and every patient. Obviously I highly and personally recommend them to any and everyone. (I have had a tremendous amount of work done at several places, but none comes close to these guys work.)

Judy Caracheo – 2015
Best dental experience I’ve had . Feel more alert from having my old filling removed. I appreciate the whole staff at Pride Dental from front to back.

Brendon Killough – 2015
I have dental anxiety, yet my experience at Pride Dental was AMAZING! I have procrastinated to go to the dentist for years, but when I met Dr Attar and the Staff at Pride Dental, I immediately felt that I could go through with the extensive dental work that I desperately needed. I was relieved to know that I could get my dental work done with SEDATION since I could get all my work done in one appointment, and it could all be over with quickly and painlessly. (Dr Attar is known for his “painless dentistry” even without sedation, as my Wife and others can confirm this.) So I had all my dental work completed, and I have a brand new smile! Not only was the entire experience pleasant, but the quality of dentistry and how my teeth feel is incredible! I highly recommend Pride Dental to everyone, especially if you need sedation dentistry and silver-mercury fillilngs removed! The assistants and hygienists and receptionists and management are so friendly and proficient and helpful. The entire ambiance of the lobby and treatment rooms actually made me more comfortable than I have ever felt at a dental office. I have found my Dental Home! Thank you Dr Attar and everyone at Pride Dental!

Sambola DolaDiner – 2014
I first learned about Dr. Allen Sprinkle while listening to Dr. Howard Garrett’s radio show known as The Dirt Doctor. Dr. Howard Garrett was interviewing Dr. Sprinkle and highly recommended him to his listeners. So I made an appointment to have my teeth cleaned and checked for cavities and cracks, and was very impressed with the service I received from all involved. That was back in 2007, and I am still just as happy with their services now as I was then. They are very thorough, concise, gentle, kind and courteous. Dr. Allen Sprinkle has cut his hours way back and now has Dr. Attar, D.D.S. set to take over his practice. Dr. Attar is an excellent dentist and meets the criteria Dr. Sprinkle had been looking for in implementing an outstanding professional who met the educational standards of an all natural dentist. I highly recommend Pride Dental to anyone who wants all natural dentistry with high standards in their practice. Make an appointment, you will be glad you did.

Justin Graves – 2014
Pride Dental is hands down the best dental office in the DFW metroplex. You know something is being done right when your 6 year old daughter wants to go to the dentist instead of going to school. Everyone in the office is super friendly and genuinely comforting. I’ve spent almost 4 decades going to the dentist. Even as a kid, I was always at the dentist getting my cavities filled. This place is incredible and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a dental office that makes you feel at home and comfortable during any dental procedure. Dr. Attar is great and very thorough in explaining any procedure being done. Our entire family goes to Pride Dental, including our 3 year old daughter. They really are the best. One last perk, the icing on the cake, they have free Keurig coffee in the waiting area. Amazing!

John DiFonso – 2014
Absolutely the best dentist office I’ve ever been to, with an atmosphere of care and healing. Fluoride and mercury free dentistry is vital to helping save the planet, it absolutely should not be overlooked. Everyone there is very real and on the ball, and there is a beautiful view of the side of the old Cats theatre from some of the rooms. VERY, VERY glad to have found them!!!!

Jeff Trigger – 2014
Going to the dentist is not usually one of my favorite activities, but going to Pride Dental was actually enjoyable. Everyone that I encountered, including Seraphina, Ashley, and Dr. Attar were very personable and professional. They successfully removed my amalgam fillings which were causing me health problems. It was a painless experience and not as bad as I thought it would be. After the removal, I was tested for heavy metals, and no Mercury showed up, while previously I had high levels of Mercury toxicity. Overall, I am very pleased and looking forward to my next appointment.

Katherine Yost – 2014
I came to Pride Dental seeking a second opinion for my daughter. Seraphina, the staff member who fielded my calls and emails, was one of the most helpful and encouraging people I’ve encountered in dentist offices, and was a main reason I chose Pride Dental, along with their focus on holistic care. When we got there, Dr. Attar and his assistants spent time making sure my daughter was comfortable, and did the exam in a way which left her calm and unafraid. Even though we didn’t end up doing the dental work there, I am very impressed with this office and the way they handle their clients.

Pri Guti – 2014
I found this dental office while searching for a holistic / biological dentist who could safely remove my (silver) amalgam fillings. I am extremely pleased with their service. They were all so pleasant and considerate. Everyone made sure that I was as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Dr. Attar and his dental assistant Ashley, were such a pleasure to work with and I loved how they were so attentive and really listened to my concerns and were not rushed during the procedure. They did a great job! Would highly recommend. They also offer natural detoxifying drops which is great.

Justin Carter – 2014
I started going to Pride Dental about a year ago and immediately noticed a huge difference between Pride and my previous dental clinics. The people at Pride Dental are wonderful, they truly care about your health, and they offer much more innovative treatment.


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