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Bethany P. Dallas, TX – 5/4/2017
Dr. Attar and his wonderful, kind, smiling staff are THE BEST in dental care (and better than any medical office I’ve ever visited!). I have been blown away with their thorough, attentive care for my husband and I. I found Pride after searching for quite some time for a biological/holistic dentist who believed in treating the body as a whole, not just the teeth, and Dr. Attar is just that. Have you ever been to a dentist that asked you about any abnormal symptoms you are having anywhere in your BODY? Well, he does! My husband had chronic headaches for YEARS, nearly every single day. He also had a mouth full of mercury fillings. Dr. Attar recommended that he have them removed, and since THE DAY AFTER he had them removed until now, he hasn’t had one headache (it has been about 6 months). It has changed his life, and I’m certain kept him from other chronic illnesses in the future related to mercury toxicity. Dr. Attar and his staff take every precaution to remove the fillings in a safe way, so as to protect you from toxins that are released during removal.

I had been planning to get my mom in to have the same procedure done, and unfortunately she was recently diagnosed with Myeloma cancer. I called to ask some questions about removal in this case, and Dr. Attar personally called me back. He was patient, kind, and so caring (all of which I can’t say for ANY of the medical staff that have been involved in my mom’s care thus far). He will see her next week for evaluation, and I have full faith that he will make the best decisions for her health.

THANK YOU, Dr. Attar, and the rest of the sweet staff, for everything you do to brighten the lives (and teeth! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) of others day in and day out.

Kate M. Dallas, TX – 4/11/2017
Pride Dental is the real deal. This practice is cutting edge. A Dallas oral surgeon recommended Pride Dental when we asked him where he sends his own wife. Dr. Attar, DDS is the only dentist we have ever found that is skilled in every area we have researched. Dr. Attar practices minimally invasive treatments such as partial crowns that are scientifically proven to be superior for your periodontal gum health as well as drastically decreasing your chances of the dreaded domino effect of more and more going wrong with your tooth down the road. He also uses a high-end lab for the best quality product. Holistic yes, but so much more. Pride Dental is also pain free. Dr. Attar takes his time injecting a non-toxic numbing shot so you never feel one tiny bit of pain for even one second. Financially, you will pay about the same as any dental practice so it does not cost more to receive the best care in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Mercury fillings can lead to Alzheimer’s Disease and other chronic degenerative conditions, and Pride Dental knows how to remove them in a safe manner that will not cause illness. Many other dentists have pressured our family to have crowns on teeth that did not actually need them, and other dentists want to remove your whole tooth for the procedure when that is often not necessary. This office never does that. They carefully evaluate you and let you know what really needs to be done and why you are better off delaying or avoiding some procedures. Integrity, skill and compassionate care is exhibited by the dentist, hygienists and front office. Bad dentistry is bad for your whole body as well as your choppers. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, a tooth infection can give you a heart attack! According to holistic cancer treatment clinics, it is hard to heal your body if your mouth has problems or inferior old school dental restorations. It is worth the drive from Dallas or Fort Worth. All the best to Pride Dental.

Nikki C. Lillian, TX – 7/31/2014
Dr. Attar and his staff provide excellent dental care. From the moment you make your appointment, to the moment you are seen, you feel valued and at ease. Dr. Attar is great with kids too! My children have no problem coming to the dentist now! I am grateful that my friend told me about Pride Dental!

Patricia N. Grapevine, TX – 1/9/2014
Pride Dental has been the practice of choice for my family for 3 generations. My Mother, after being diagnosed with cancer, had Dr. Sprinkle remove her mercury fillings. This was over 15 years ago and my Mother, now in her late 80’s, is still going strong ๐Ÿ™‚

I, in my mid forties, just had all of my mercury fillings removed and replaced by Dr. Attar. In Dr. Attar, you’ll find a conscience and ethic plus an attention to detail that’s usually hard to find. Not surprisingly, he’s surrounded by a staff who also “raises the bar” for dental practices everywhere.

My teenage son is a big fan of Ashley for her gentle hands and kind, happy spirit.

You can relax at Pride Dental with the knowledge that you and your loved ones are getting the best and safest protocols within an industry wherein 75% of dentists still stubbornly use harmful agents

Kevin D. Fort Worth, TX – 1/8/2014
I have been going to this dental practice for more than 10 years. My primary and initial reason was to have toxic mercury fillings removed and replaced. Dr. Sprinkle did so carefully and with caution. Because I share the belief in a holistic approach to dentistry, I continued to visit this practice for my dental needs even though I lived over an hour away, in Plano. The office is clean and modern with all the equipment you would expect a reputable dental practice to have . The kind, knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping patients maintain overall health through healthy teeth and gums.

Gregoria C. Arlington, TX – 12/2/2013
Dr. ATTAR was very professional and took the time to listen to my situation. The entire office was clean, neat, professional GORGEOUS smiles all throuthout. I am writting on behalf of my grandmother who had 2 Teeth Extracted. Going in she was very nervous but not to long did the staff make her feel at home with Dr. ATTAR’S gentle touch I will return and would highly recommend Pride Dental to all my friends and family. If you are looking for a more biological approach then this is the place for you. Mercury and Fluoride free. They listen. It was wonderful to see the beautiful voice one the phone in person. They were all so helpful. I walked out the office happy I gained a new family.

Janie W. Dallas, TX – 11/4/2013
The dentists at Pride Dental (Dr. Sprinkle and Dr. Attar) and staff care about you and what is going on in your health. They know what they are doing! They give you the best options to choose for your overall health now and for down the road. Isn’t that awesome, they actually care about your overall health. They use no mercury, in fact, encourage removing any that you have because it is so toxic to the body. Both doctors are very knowledgeable , they explain things well, are very friendly and take the time to talk with you and listen to you. When I say friendly, that is an understatement, super sweet and caring people. They have always done an excellent job with whatever the procedure that I am having done. During procedures they let you know what is going on and make sure you are doing well. You feel like you are in very safe hands. I’ve felt no pain with any procedure even the numbing part is painless! Yeaaaa! All the staff from the hygienist and dental assistant to the angel running the office are excellent at what they do and are extremely friendly and helpful. They really make you feel like you are part of their big family there and that they care about you.

Whether you are perfectly healthy or have a serious health issue this is the place to go. Love you guys at Pride Dental.

Gayla P. Bedford, TX – 10/2/2013
If it were possible to do a 100 star I would!! This is no exaggeration. I will be moving to another state in December and I WILL fly back for my dental appointments, no doubt!

I am over 50 years old and have gone to a dentist since I was a small child. I have had many cavities, and my mouth ended up being filled with so much mercury. As I grew older I wanted to keep my teeth as healthy as I could so I would go every 6 months for cleanings. I always had so much anxiety when I went, never felt very comfortable. I eventually ended up in Texas and for the first time I went 2 years without finding a dentist. I was just too nervous. I was concerned about all the mercury in my mouth as well. I had wished for a biological/holistic dentist. For a year I had looked at Pride dental’s website, but still did not call. I was worried about the cost and my insurance not paying. I finally ran across someone that highly recommended them to me. I was concerned about my teeth since I hadn’t gone in two years. I decided to schedule a consultation. This meeting with Dr. Sprinkle was more than I expected. The professionalism was awesome and the genuine concern and care was seen in every person I met that day. I made an appointment with Dr. Attar and haven’t regretted it since. I had all my mercury removed and I have had a couple of cavities filled and most recently a crown. I NEVER feel any pain, not even when getting deadened with the needle! In fact, I find myself almost falling asleep during the whole procedure. Never has this happened to me! This proves dental work does not have to be painful!

The gentleness, the kindness, honesty and care is almost unbelievable. From the front desk to the chair. There really aren’t words to describe the service one receives from the entire staff. They make the paperwork very simple for sending to your insurance provider and the reasonable and customary charge is competitive. They have been helpful in every way possible.

A side note is that after my husband saw the results I was experiencing, he too had some dental work done and felt the same way. We never have to look for a dentist again.

Amanda R. Philadelphia, PA – 9/19/2013
Pride Dental offered us exactly what we needed and wanted: a family friendly and welcoming environment that is patient-centered, holistic and environmentally conscious (read: non-toxic). I am truly grateful for Dr. Attar’s expert advice and services. We truly enjoyed attending our hygiene visits, and the staff helped to make it an exciting time for our toddler. In fact, those visits are the reason why our 2 year old LOVES brushing and flossing his teeth every day! (I admit, I occasionally resort to playing “dentist” to regain his interest!) During each of our visits, all of the staff members were friendly, smiling and helpful. We never waited long in the waiting area, and were encouraged to ask questions throughout the entire experience. Keep in mind that we opted for the latest appointments possible due to my husband’s previous job; needless to say, they are extremely efficient! Sadly, we moved out of state…but we will gladly return again if we find ourselves back in the DFW area! Dr. Attar, Lexi, Seraphina and all of the other team members who make up Pride Dental give “dentistry” a fresh new image!

Mrs. Bethany N. Rockwall, TX – 8/22/2013
As a LONG DISTANCE patient, traveling across Texas to get to Pride Dental is not a burden, it is a relief. It is WORTH THE DRIVE. Trust me on this . . .

Never again will I fear a deep cleaning . . . these folks are amazing. Unparalleled gentleness and advanced techniques in numbing enabled me to get some rather extensive dental procedures behind me, the added bonus being NO MORE FEAR.

Furthermore, I am so very grateful for the excellence in care and attentiveness they give to amalgam removal. This office really knows what it is doing.

And they have a way of making you feel like family . . . they care for you, nurture you, take care of your teeth, your smile, your fears and concerns. Thanks, Pride Dental! My entire family loves and appreciates your entire staff more than I can say!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hana K. Mission Viejo, CA – 7/24/2013
Finding Dr. Attar and Pride Dental was the highlight of our nine month stay in Texas. The entire staff is so friendly and helpful, from the receptionist, Seraphina, to the dental hygienist, Lexi.

The first time I called the office, Seraphina took the time to explain the philosophy behind Pride Dental and their holistic approach to dentistry. You are greeted warmly both over the phone and in person and this really puts you at ease if you are at all worried about your impending visit. But you don’t have to worry, Dr. Attar makes sure you are completely comfortable before and during your visit. He patiently answered all my questions and was so careful, experienced and professional I actually looked forward to my appointments. What really impressed me was that Dr. Attar explained that if I needed a root canal he would refer me to a specialist rather than doing it himself. In my experience, dentists tend to multitask and this is a disadvantage to the patient because you won’t be receiving the best treatment from the most qualified practitioner. This is only one of many reasons why I highly recommend Dr. Attar.

Dr. Attar and his staff are so amazing, I am planning to fly from California to see them for my next appointment!

Susan M. Euless, TX – 7/17/2013
Pride Dental stands above the rest in providing excellent, patient-focused care that is both biological and dental. If conventional dentistry has been a previous choice in your on-going care, may I suggest that you schedule your next visit with Pride Dental.

All of their staff will provide you with comprehensive care that will leave you saying “Why haven’t I been going here all along.” Dr. Sprinkle and Dr. Attar, along with all of their experienced, compassionate and patient-focused staff will make your dental visit the best you’ve ever had. No longer will you resist getting your teeth cleaned, or having an injection before a procedure. When it comes to teeth whitening or cosmetic procedures, they are both affordable and the dedicated to the best result that will make you do a “double take” every time you look at your beautiful teeth. You’ll definitely be smiling a whole lot more.

If you require more extensive work – crowns or bridges, you can be certain that every step will be taken to provide biological materials that are compatible with you and your overall health.

Pride Dental – it’s the place to go for all your dental needs.

Luis M. Arlington, TX – 3/5/2013
Walking in to Pride Dental was the best experience i have ever had visiting a Dentist. From the friendly front desk to the Dr. Attar taking the time to listen and answer all of my questions that i had. He took the time to listen and hear me. I will continue to come to my regular hygiene visits along with bringing my family and friends. At Pride Dental i felt very comfortable, they cared about me and my needs. Pride Dental is definitely not one of those in and out offices where all they want to do is collect money. I felt the sincere warmth from everyone. Most important the natural approach. Mercury & Fluoride Free. If you have not been to Pride Dental i would highly recommend this office : ) Thank You Dr. Attar!!!

Phillip W. Irving, TX – 3/4/2013
I really had a great experience at Pride Dental. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The dentist was very professional. In my past experiences with dentists, I was usually stressed and hated the injection to numb the mouth. With Dr Atar, he would be gentle and I had no discomfort. This is the best establishment that I have ever been too!!

Loren A. Dallas, TX – 12/7/2012
For those of you who are aware of the various exposures to toxicity that come from typical dental services, Pride Dental is the dental practice for you, where they hold the highest standards in Biological and Holistic dental services. While I do live in Dallas, the trip to Arlington is well worth the drive for the quality of service and knowledge that is provided through this practice. They use the latest technologies in x-rays so as to reduce your exposure of radiation by 80% as apposed to the older methods of x-rays. Additionally, they do not use fluoride, nor amalgam fillings which contain 50% mercury! In fact, they work quite closely with Medical Doctors, Homeopaths, Acupucturists (TCM), and Naturaopaths all throughout the metroplex aiding patients dealing with mercury toxicity issues. If you have ANY silver (amalgam) fillings in your mouth, you can be sure that you are being exposed on a daily basis to the off gassing vapor of your fillings which have a cumulative affect in your body. And pregnant women, listen up! Your unborn baby is being exposed to the mercury in your mouth which is detectable at birth. The more of these type of fillings you have, the greater amounts of mercury the fetus is exposed to. Do not risk exposing your unborn child to mercury which can cause serious neurological developmental issues! Likewise, if you have amalgam fillings, there is no time like the present to change the state of your health and stop the constant exposure to mercury that you have been unknowingly subjected to. If you are considering a dental implant, they work with the ONLY periodontist in the area that uses zirconium posts verses other metal options. What this means for your long-term well being is that you do not have metal in your mouth that conducts electricity, thereby throwing off the natural electrical flow through your body that enables everything to function properly (through the meridians if you are familiar with that science.)

All subjects of toxicity aside, the staff are extremely compassionate, especially to those like myself that are really nervous at the dentist office due to previous traumatizing dental experiences. They are extremely knowledgeable and make a concerted effort to make sure that you understand and are comfortable with all that is being done procedurally and with the state of your oral health. The hygienist that worked with me (Lexi) was like a little angel with the most delicate touch! And the doctor that I worked with, Dr. Attar, took plenty of time to speak with me about my questions and concerns, never making me feel rushed or that his time was more important than me.

For only the BEST care for yourself and your family that encompasses OVERALL WELL BEING, I encourage you to visit Pride Dental. After all, your teeth are a expression of the overall health of your body, and this is an understanding that they care deeply about and it shows in the services and care that they provide. Thank God there are a FEW doctors in this world that know what is going on and have integrity with upholding their oaths as being actual healthcare providers….rather than sick-makers!

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