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Letters from Patients

The reception staff are very welcoming and friendly. Connie took me back to the clean dentist chair and I was made comfortable. I had some questions and Dr. Attar addressed them and helped me decide on the best treatment plan. I did not even feel the numbing injection. The best experience I could possibly imagine at the dentist. No discomfort. All precautions were used to ensure safe removal of a mercury amalgam filling. Dr. Attar works with care, precision and skill. I’m very happy I chose Pride Dental for my dental needs.


I could not appreciate this practice more. I’ve always felt you were not only my dentist and his staff, but my friends.


Going to the dentist is not usually one of my favorite activities, but going to Pride Dental was actually enjoyable. Everyone that I encountered, including Seraphina, Ashley, and Dr. Attar were very personable and professional. They successfully removed my amalgam fillings which were causing me health problems. It was a painless experience and not as bad as I thought it would be. After the removal, I was tested for heavy metals, and no Mercury showed up, while previously I had high levels of Mercury toxicity. Overall, I am very pleased and looking forward to my next appointment.

Jeff Trigger

Dear Dr. Sprinkle, Dr. Attar & Staff,

I sincerely appreciate your kindness, professionalism and dedication during my visits. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Pride Dental by Dr. Gerald Harris. Thank you for your caring attitude and attentive devotion to your patients. Best wishes for 2014!

Teresa B.

Dear Dr. Attar and Staff,

When I looked in the mirror after I left today, I started to get teared up. I did not realize
it would affect me so emotional.  After about 2 1/2 years to see more of a smile again on
my right side. I know it is your job. It is also a blessing. Thank you and your staff for
patience and kindness to me.

Suzanne B.

Dear Dr. Attar,
Thank you much for you and your staff’s kind care to Daniel.  Thank you so much for
looking at his teeth and also checking his whole when we came in.  I am grateful for your
gift to us.  It is a big blessing to us.
The B. Family

Dr. Sprinkle’s New Splint

Received new splint 8-27-03, which moved my tongue into a different place.  Took some
getting used to, tender tongue, pressure points on body activated for awhile.  My neck
vertebrae slowly but surely moved into their rightful place, making me nearly 1/2″ taller.

For PT, I swim 3 times a week for 40 to 60 min.  On 9-10-03, bought swim gloves to
strengthen neck, shoulder and arm muscles.  It worked!  Also doing stretching & strength
exercises on floor mat to relax pressure points; using Trivita Pain Relief Gel when necessary.
I can now swim easily with the gloves, even do the backstroke, a miracle!  Mid-back vertebrae
is eased and staying place.  Still having problems with L-5, S-1 area, but I am somewhat better
there too.

Can now lift 8 to 10 pounds with care; open doors and carry things I could NOT before.  Also,
can do more housework.  Before this splint, could not even get laundry out of the washer or dryer.

Sleep better, longer and posture is straighter, feeling better all around than before.  Still take
naps but not as often.  Chewing, digestion are better.  Taking Magnesium Malate along with
multi-vitamins and calcium-magnesium.  The Magnesium Malate really helps lessen the
stress of all the changes that occur in the body with this new splint.

Thank YOU Dr. Sprinkle!
Jenny J.

The gratefulness and excitement I feel make it difficult for me to be brief. My life changed in three hours.

To realized the relief I have experienced you must understand the discomfort I have lived with called
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).  RSD is a burning sensation at or near a trauma site. I had two
sites, the worse was on my right foot, the last three toes, across the top of the foot and down along the outside edge. The pain comes from within the nerve so can’t rub anything on it for relief. It felt like a third degree burn when touched.

Dr. Sprinkle and his precious staff fitted me with my “daytime mouth piece” around 1:30 pm.  My
breathing was easier right away.  After returning to our motel room around 4:00 pm, out of my
slippers, I gingerly touched my foot with my left toe – no burning!  Then I rubbed the top of my
right foot with the heel of my left foot – no burning!

I had wondered how I would live the rest of my life with RSD rapidly spreading, and now I just wonder
at God’s grace and thank Him for the wisdom He provided to Dr. Sprinkle.

Mary F.

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